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Every year, the U.S. government grants asylum to thousands of people who come from countries beyond its borders. Such people are those facing persecution – or reasonably fear facing persecution – and can apply to enter or stay in the U.S. as asylum seekers.

Asylum candidates are those facing or fear persecution for their:

  • Political opinion
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a certain social group

Attorney Alen Takhsh of Takhsh Law P.C. works to help keep immigrating clients safe when they come asking for asylum. He has successfully represented clients and their families seeking asylum because they feared what might happen to them in their home countries.

Takhsh Law P.C. can work with you through every step of your asylum application to increase your odds of gaining entry to the U.S. Ensuring that your application is as accurate and truthful as possible is critically important because it reduces your chance of facing removal proceedings in the future. A high-quality asylum application can also be a first step toward bringing your family with you, finding work in the U.S., and applying for a Green Card.

If you’re seeking asylum status in the U.S., get help from an asylum lawyer in Evanston who cares about keeping his clients safe. Contact attorney Alen Takhsh today or call 877-762-1518 today.


Those who are granted asylum in the U.S. are one step closer to bringing their families with them. It’s only after you’ve been granted asylum, however, that including your spouse and children younger than 21 is possible. That’s why getting help from an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can mean everything in your efforts.

If you intend to help your family obtain asylum, you must file a petition on their behalf within two years of being granted asylum yourself. The U.S. government may cite humanitarian reasons to excuse this deadline, but it is otherwise the final cutoff date to help those you love. Attorney Alen Takhsh will work with you through each portion of the application process to help you meet this critical deadline in time.


Those granted asylum status are automatically permitted to work within the U.S. Even so, some people choose to have an asylum attorney in Evanston to help them obtain Employment Authorization Documents to supplement their proof of their ability to gain employment.

Unfortunately, you cannot apply to work in the U.S. at the same time you apply for asylum. If your application is still pending, attorney Alen Takhsh can help you apply for work authorization if it’s been 150 days since you applied for asylum and no decision has been made yet.


It’s possible for people granted asylum in the U.S. to eventually apply for a Green Card and earn permanent residence. Those on this path may also be well along the path toward achieving citizenship in the U.S.

You can apply for a Green Card one year following the date you were granted asylum. Reach out to our Chicago immigration attorney for a consultation.

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If one of these or another immigration law challenge is on your mind,
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