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Although foreign-born entrepreneurs with substantial capital and intent to take up residence in the U.S. for a long period of time are likely to consider the EB-5 visa program, other investors may look to the E-2 visa to build their business within U.S. borders. If you need an E-2 visa to begin your investment, contact attorney Alen Takhsh so he can guide you through your application process.

Key features of an E-2 visa include:

  • No permanent residence requirement (only permits a temporary stay)
  • No prescribed minimum investment or quota
  • Only your investment must stay within the U.S.
  • Relatively short processing time compared to EB-5 visas

Importantly, however, only foreign nationals of countries with whom the U.S. government has a treaty can apply for this type of visa. Applicants must submit their applications through a U.S. Consulate, and the processing time can take two weeks to four months – more than three to four times quicker than a typical EB-5 process may take.

If you’re not a U.S. citizen but want to invest in the U.S. as soon as possible, consult with
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Because an E-2 visa only permits a temporary stay, its requirements aren’t as rigorous as those of an EB-5 where a Green Card is issued. That, however, doesn’t mean there are still strict rules concerning this document.

Requirements for receiving an E-2 visa include:

  • You must be a national from a country that has a treaty with the U.S.
  • You must have already invested or demonstrate that you are actively investing and close to starting business activities
  • You must demonstrate you have the skills to develop and direct your business
  • You must have a substantial investment (a nebulous amount that typically comes down to be whatever is necessary to run your business)
  • Your business cannot be marginal – this means it must show growth and exist beyond a means of living for you or your family
  • You must leave the country once your visa expires

If you need help understanding how you can meet these requirements, reach out to an E-2 visa lawyer in Evanston for help. Attorney Alen Takhsh of Takhsh Law P.C. is able and ready to help you build the legal framework to immigrate into the country and begin a new U.S.-based business. Speak with an immigration lawyer today.

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